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G8 Performance 2620 Pro Series Insoles

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  • G8 Performance 2620 Pro Series Insoles
  • G8 Performance 2620 Insole
  • G8 Insoles
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 Product Description

G8 Performance 2620 Pro Series Insoles

G8 Performance 2620 Orthotic Insoles are custom-designed to increase foot health, support the arch, and ultimately increase the power you provide to the pedals.

G8 2620 insoles enable flexion and splaying of the forefoot under the body’s load so that the feet function in the same way as they would without a shoe. These orthotic insoles are unique: they flex with your foot, are fully adjustable, and are a dynamic device that works with the natural mechanics of your foot. They provide a suspension system for your arches, stability at your heel, and cushioning under the metatarsal bones at the ball of the foot. Wearing G8 orthotic insoles, you’ll perform better and you’ll feel better doing it.


  • Thin and lightweight
  • Fully customizable with 5 arch heights and 11 position arch positions
  • Narrow heel cup provides a solid base for superior power transfer
  • Inbuilt metatarsal pad
  • Chambers for air flow


  • Increase foot flexion
  • Increase blood flow in the foot
  • Reduce foot numbness and pain
  • Provides power transfer over a greater surface area
  • Supports the arches, maintaining optimal bone structure
  • Enhanced Balance and Stability
  • Increase strength and flexibility of the foot over time

Fitting Guide

1. Start with the Lowest arch piece set about mid way
2. Progressively move the arch piece as far forward as is comfortable for the wearer
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with a higher arch piece using wearers comfort as your guide
4. Get client to cycle in the new set up.
5. After both feet have been set up remove one G8 Insole and replace with the original insole from the shoe. This will reset proprioceptors to realize the changes that have taken place.
6. Remove original insole and replace with G8 Insole

What to expect with the G8 Performance 2620 Pro Series Insoles in time:

  • The foot will change over time. Be patient.
  • The highest arch piece is governed by your skeletal structure
  • Changing the arch piece height or moving it forward can take weeks/months--everyone is different.
  • Only change to a higher arch after all forward positions have been exhausted

How to Fit your G8 Insoles


 If you have any questions about the G8 Performance 2620 Pro Series Insoles, please don't hesitate to ask a question in the box below or give us a call on +44 (0)116 318 3511

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