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Lake Shoe Sizing

Lake Shoe Sizing

Lake Shoe Sizing

Please use the Size Guide as a comparison to the size you normally wear. Lake has been working hard over the last few years to try and standardise their sizing, so your size in your everyday shoes trainers etc will normally fit wearing Lakes.


Please add 5mm to your length measurement to get recommended size.

EURO / UK : 38-5 / 39-6 / 40-6.5 / 41-7 / 42-8 / 43-9 / 44-9.5 / 45-10.5 / 46-11 / 47-12 / 49-13 / 50-14

There is 3mm between half sizes and 6mm between full sizes in length.

Please Note Lake doesn't make a women's specific version of there shoes.

Size EU39 and below Lake use a women's shoe last. Women have a bit wider and less volume feet. Above EU40 Lake use a men's shoe last, as above this size the dimensions are the same for men and women.

Salt Dog Cycling Measuring Method

When measuring your feet if you put your foot against a wall roll your foot on to your front toes put a ruler down and take that measurement and then add 5mm you will get a more accurate measurement. also for the width put your foot against a wall and put the ruler down to get a more accurate measurement

When drawing around your feet on a sheet of paper it's easy to add a bit as the nib is in the middle of the pen so multiply that by going around the foot and it can make a difference.

Lake Measuring Method

Step 1: Trace your foot onto a sheet of paper. After you trace you foot take a ruler and make a line to mark the furthest point on all four sides as shown below.

Step 2: Length measurement (Points 1 to 2 as shown below). Using a millimetre ruler get the measurement of the longest distance from heel to the longest toe (first or second toe).

Step 3: Width measurement (Points 3 to 4 as shown below). Using a millimetre ruler get the measurement of the widest distance of foot from side to side.

Step 4: Repeat step for both feet as your feet may be different sizes. Typically you will want shoes that accommodate your largest foot the most comfortably.

Please Note: for correct measurement we require a 3 digit millimetre measurement.example: 267mm or 26.7cm is acceptable. You cannot get correct measurement from only 2 digits.example: 26cm cannot give correct data.


For any questions regarding Lake shoe sizing, please don't hesitate to email us with your feet dimensions and the shoe size you normally wear, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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