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High quality bike boxes are essential if you’re planning on going on holiday or to an event abroad with your bike.

While your bike is your pride and joy, to the airlines it's big and awkward to fit in the cargo hold and to the baggage handlers it's just another item among the hundreds that need to be hauled onto the plane in time.

So it makes sense to ensure your bike gets there as safely as you will. You’d certainly pack up all your other gear safely, wouldn’t you, so don’t take chances with your prized bike. Our exceptional range of B&W bike boxes has been put together with care and attention – and more specifically with knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

As well as looking after your bike while on the flight these bike boxes also fit easily into most saloon or hatchback cars and the B&W bike box is also designed to be stackable which is great for teams, cycling clubs and friends.

Take a look through our collection and you’ll see what a good bike box should be like. We focus primarily on the hard case bike boxes that give your bike the best protection possible. If you have a folding bike you can get a box to pack it away and transport it easily that looks the business and will protect it from any bumps and trips along the way.

Our large bike case is designed for downhill full suspension bikes, complete with room for the frame and the wheels, all safely stored away to be put back together in minutes once you arrive.

The most popular product we sell is the standard B&W International bike box which fits all road bike frame sizes although beyond 24 Inch (60cm) you'll probably need to remove the seat post. It's also light enough for most discount airlines.

If you need any help with our range of bike boxes please don't hesitate to give us a call +44 (0)116 318 3511

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