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Winter Cycling Shoes

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When The Temperature Outside Drops, A Good Pair Of Winter Cycling Shoes Will Help To Keep Your Feet Warm So You Can Focus On Simply Enjoying Your Ride.

It’s fair to say that when the colder weather arrives, nothing will dampen the spirits of a good bike ride more than the pain of cold and frosty feet. We’ve all been there. The experience of numb toes is a really unpleasant symptom of winter cycling. It can have a negative impact on our enthusiasm to get out and maintain our fitness during the winter months.

For cyclists who don’t allow the weather to stop you getting on your bikes, winter cycling shoes are well worth the investment. Afterall you can’t put a price on comfort and warmth and if it keeps you cycling all year round, happiness! Our selection of well-designed shoes are all engineered with the best materials to keep out the cold and wet with added features for comfort and safety.

Insulated on the inside, winter cycling shoes do not the feature the air vents you will find in summer shoes. This, alongside their durable waterproof fabric, protects feet from the elements, helping them to stay dry and warm!

For those that really suffer in the colder temperatures, teaming your winter cycling shoes with a pair of merino socks will help ensure you can continue to cycle happily during the winter months.

With a pair of our winter cycling shoes in your kit you’ll be able to enjoy all year round cycling to ensure those winter miles really do make for summer smiles!

From our experience with winter cycling shoes we’d recommend going up a size from what you normally wear in your everyday shoes to allow for an extra pair of socks.

If you would like help selecting the right winter cycling shoes for your ride, please call us on +44 (0)116 318 3511 or send us an email info@saltdogcycling.com Our customer service team will be happy to help.

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