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Time Trial Helmets

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Time Trial Helmets Are A Top Choice For Time Trial, Triathlon And Ironman Athletes Looking To Reduce Drag

If you’re cycling at speeds of over 20 miles per hour, air resistance becomes significantly greater. Time trial helmets, or aero helmets as they’re also known, reduce the drag around your head and can improve your aerodynamics.

When it comes to parting with your money and seeing the best results for your cash, time trial helmets are potentially one of the best upgrades you can make within your cycling gear. However, there’s one or two points worth bearing in mind before deciding on your purchase.

When looking at time trial helmets make sure you choose one that suits your riding position. Consider whether you tend to drop your head as you ride or roll your head. To see the best results, the tail of time trial helmets is designed to sit flat along your back to minimise drag. Without this sleek fit, you are likely to see the opposite of what you’re hoping for - an increase in drag!

The design of these helmets often means there is less ventilation than you will find with a conventional road helmet, so it’s also worth considering comfort. The surfaces and details are designed to maximise aerodynamic properties.

At Salt Dog Cycling we offer a range of Catlike time trial helmets. This brand is highly-regarded and recognised. They work closely with top engineers and world class athletes to ensure a high-performing product.

The fit is a key component to the effectiveness of these helmets. Get this right and you’ll notice a difference in your speed and performance.

If you have any questions about fit or require any assistance with sizing or would simply like some guidance on the time trial helmets we have available, please don't hesitate to give us a call +44 (0)116 318 3511 or email info@saltdogcycling.com

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