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 Product Description

Lake Winter Insoles - For Lake MXZ304 Winter Boots

Keeps Heat In And Cold Out!

Lake’s winter insole is a layered package, which creates an insulating barrier that keeps the heat generated by your body inside the shoe and the cold from entering the shoe from the bottom. The outer felt layers wick away moisture and keep the foot feeling dry, a second radiant reflective layer helps keep heat and cold from transferring through while the inner core of air pockets finally creates an insulating barrier so that the heat or cold cannot be conducted.

Lake's exclusive winter footbed liner is designed and produced in Canada to there exclusive specifications. Made of a combination of layered materials. Each material has a specific function, together creating a long lasting comfort barrier. Felt liner made from recycled polyethylene fibers, aluminium sheet and a plastic air bubble layer to retain heat and insulate your feet from the cold

Fit's Both Standard and Wide Fit


Lake's Sub Zero Rated Footbeds are compatible with most cycling shoes. For best fitting results place your current insole on top of the Sub Zero Rated Footbed insole and trace the forefoot shape with a marker. Trim away the excess forefoot. It is often better to cut less away and check the fitting of the insole inside the shoe, if the insole wrinkles or fits too tight, trim away more excess material from the forefoot. They are pre-marked to match Lake MXZ304, MXZ303, MXZ302, MXZ301, MXZ300 and also fit MX145 and CX145 Winter Boots.

Trim to fit

Step 1: Remove the original insole from your shoe and place the original insole on top of your new winter insole, lining up both the heel and inside edge. With a marker, trace the original insole pattern onto the winter insole.

Step 2: Trim the insole by cutting along the inside edge of the tracing line. Be careful to not trim to short. You may need to cut away a little more if the insole is fitting too long or tight with wrinkling or curling. There should be about 1.5mm of space between the insole and the shoe upper.

Please note: If the Lake Winter Insoles are used with Lake Road or Mountain Bike Shoes they will reduce the volume of the fit of the shoe slightly.

If you have any questions about the Lake Winter Insoles, please don't hesitate to ask a question in the box below or give us a call on +44 (0)116 318 3511

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