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SureShift - Gear changing made easy for kids!

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  • SureShift - Gear changing made easy for kids!
  • SureShift
  • SureShift - Gear changing made easy for kids in action
  • Salt Dog Cycling Own LittleManRides helped with developing SureShift
  • SureShift - Installation is easy
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 Product Description

SureShift - Gear changing made easy for kids!

Really proud to be part of this idea and Cuda for developing it into a real product.

Our little boy @littlemanrides (Cuda Crew Rider) after moving from a Cuda 16 to a 20 inch with gears (Age 5) was struggling with changing gear having little hands.

With all-new bikes, I always try to set them up as best as I can to make it easy for him to ride (adjusting the brake levers, the angle, reach, making sure everything's is in the best position for him) as he is quite small for his age. It makes cycling a better experience for him, which is important to us.

So after setting up the bike on the turbo trainer and seeing him struggle with getting the gears to 'Click', it was hard, really hard!

His hands just weren't big enough to make the shift.

Changing gear is difficult for little hands as shifters are designed for adult hands. To get him going, I wrapped a bit of padding around the shifter lever to try and get that extra bit height needed enough to get his small hands to be able to 'Click' the gear. It wasn't ideal, but it did the job.

With the little man being part of the Cuda Crew, I spoke to Cuda Bikes about it, and they thought it was a great idea.

I am proud of Cuda Bikes for listening and going through with this as an idea and making it better!

Richard - Salt Dog Cycling Manager and @littlemanrides Dad


SureShift Product Description

Children are learning to ride at increasingly earlier ages and the technical progression of the bikes they ride, the transition from a single-speed bike to a geared bike is happening much sooner. (Age 5 to 7)

This progression is amazing and something to be celebrated, but this progression often comes with an unnecessary challenge for both rider and parents alike.

It's commonplace to find adult shifters fitted to children's bikes, a shifter never designed for smaller hands, with a shorter reach or even, for the rider who has no understanding of how to change gear at all. It is this difficulty that Sureshift aims to resolve.


A Larger contact point and bright colour help to simplify gear-changing allowing the rider to focus on the trail ahead.


Smaller hands often find it difficult to change gear. Sureshift reduces tension. increases the contact point and shortens the arc of the lever.


With gear changing simplified more challenging terrain can be tackled, miles eaten and speed controlled.

 If you have any questions about the SureShift - Shifter Extender, please don't hesitate to ask a question in the box below or give us a call on +44 (0)116 318 3511

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