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Catlike Mixino Movistar Road Helmet

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  • Catlike Mixino Movistar Road Helmet
  • Catlike Mixino Movistar Road Helmet Side
  • Catlike Mixino Movistar Road Helmet Front
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  • Catlike Mixino Movistar Road Helmet
  • Catlike Mixino Movistar Road Helmet
Catlike Helmets
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 Product Description

Catlike Mixino Movistar Road Helmet

MIXINO – the result of experience, quality and confidence

The new Mixino is the latest evolution of Catlike design philosophy. It is a lightweight helmet that improves safety by the use of an Aramid roll cage which provides high impact protection. A micro-dial adjust the thin arms that wrap around the inside of the helmet, and two rear supports are independently adjustable. With vertical adjustment and new lateral wings to which different thickness pads can be attached. This is a helmet that will fit nearly every head shape and allowing you to customize your comfort.

Catlike brings graphene to the peloton

Graphene is a totally new material, derived from graphite, comprised of very interesting physical and chemical properties. Its basic structure is formed by carbon atoms set out in a hexagonal shape. This creates layered structures (like a honeycomb) of a thick atom whose intercalation, along with the “Van der Waals” forces, achieve a material up to 200 times more resistant than steel, yet is extremely light.

This material exhibits enormous mechanical resistance and some unique electronic properties. Its extraordinary properties and its potential technical applications have made Graphene one of the most active research fields in materials’ physics.

The Catlike Research, Development, and Innovation Department has managed to incorporate Graphene nano-fibers into the manufacturing of cycling helmets, giving the head of cyclists maximum protection with minimum weight.

RoadBikeRider.com "Catlike Mixino is a Standout Helmet Across the Board"

Cycling Plus - "The Mixino can nearly make you forget your wearing a helmet 4/5"

Maximum safety: The unique Catlike design characterized for crossing nerves gives a plus in safety. Any impact will share more than one nerve splitting the crash energy on many points and absorbing it in the most efficient way.

The helmet has an internal Aramid fibre roll cage this material is used in aerospace and ballistic applications for its strength properties. The Aramid cage provides a higher protection in case of impact supporting the entire helmet structure.


The SEPR Shell Extended Protection Reinforcement on the helmet brim gives protection in case of hits preventing from deterioration because of use.

Best ventilation: The helmet offers 39 big size air vents that allow a constant Air Flow from frontal to rear area and an effective cooling system. One of the most ventilated helmet in the market.

Best Comfort:MPS eVo is the new ultra light retention system. The system has 2 long and thin arms and 2 lateral ergonomics wings that allow a perfect adaptation of the head perimeter giving maximum stability.

The rear supports on the MPS eVo rests on two points of the occipital bone freeing the central part of the head of any pressure. The supports are mobile in non-allergic and soft megol guaranteeing best stability and comfort.
The wheel retention has a micro-metrical adjusting system in order to personalize easily the helmet adjustment with only a hand.

Outlast technology originally developed for NASA utilizes phase change materials PCM that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort. It is used for the internal padding of the helmet.

MPS Evo retention and adjustment system

  • Strap adjustments under ear, fore-aft and chin
  • Circumference Wheel adjustment
  • Cradle height adjustment
  • Cradle pad width independent of circumference adjustment
  • Cradle side width adjustment with removal addition of side padding and padding holder


  • ARC aramid roll cage
  • CES
  • MPS eVo
  • 39 Air Intakes


Small 52-54cm 200 grams

Medium 55-57cm 210 grams

Large 58-60cm 230 grams

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