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How To Clean Matt Finished, Carbon and Titanium Bikes – Red Ant Bike Cleaners

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Looking after a New Super Fast Super Stealth Matt Finished bike can be tricky! 

It looks great but if you use your usual polish and cleaner your beautiful Matt finish bike will eventually become glossy and not quite the bike you fell in love with.


Red Ant make bike cleaners for Matt Finished Bikes as well as titanium and carbon fibre bikes

The founder created the range of products after not finding anything on the market suitable to clean a matt finish frame, so set about creating his own. The range comprises of cleaners and a protectors.

All of the cleaners are PH Neutral which Red Ant claim helps the cleaner cut through road grime and other mud and oily deposits on the frame, especially riding on UK roads at this time of year. It’s safe to use on all carbon fibre frames, chains, plastic and rubber, even wheels. To use, it’s simply a matter of liberally spraying on the frame, leaving for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

There is a Great Review to check out here: 

Ron Cycling – “Pleasantly surprised by the performance of this bike cleaning product. Probably the best I’ve tried”

Available to Buy At Salt Dog Cycling with Free UK Delivery

Matt Finish Bikes

Red Ant Matt Finish Bicycle Frame Cleaner 500ml £9.99

Red Ant Matt Finish Bicycle Frame Protector 250ml £9.99

Carbon Fibre Bikes (Gloss Finish)

Red Ant Carbon Fibre Bicycle Frame Cleaner 500ml £9.99

Red Ant Carbon Fibre Bicycle Frame Protector 250ml £9.99

Titanium Bikes

Red Ant Titanium Bicycle Frame Cleaner 500ml £9.99

Red Ant Titanium Bicycle Frame Protector 250ml £9.99 

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