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This site, like virtually all sites on the internet uses cookies. Cookies are small packets of information passed between our website and your internet browser which in the main, help the two communicate and remember previous interactions and preferences.

Please be assured that your privacy is of the utmost importance to us, and any information that we are able to access as a result of cookies is at a generic, aggregate level, and there is no way that we could ever identify an individual user using cookies or see any information about you that you did not already explicitly give us.

Some cookies, such as those which remember what items you have put in to your basket, are essential to the successful functioning of the site. Others, such as those which track which pages are being looked at, are not essential to the functioning of the site, but are extremely useful to us in understanding customer behaviour, which pages work and which don't, and therefore what actions we need to take to improve our site and your experience of it.

You may wish to prevent non-essential cookies being placed on your computer.  If you do, please take a look at this guide on how to disable cookies in your browser. Please note though, that this may mean that sites no longer function as you would expect them to.

What cookies does this site use?

Four main classes of cookies are placed by this site

  • Functional
  • Chat
  • Tracking

Not all cookies will be placed during every visitor's session. To receive all these cookies you would need to perform every single conceivable action on the site, which the vast majority of users do not. The full range of cookies you could possibly receive from this site are as follows:

Functional cookies

These cookies are placed by www.saltdogcycling.com to ease your visit to the site. They enable you to log in, remember items placed in your basket and which products you've looked at so you can return to them easily. They are essential to the normal functioning of the site, and we have no access at all to the information contained within them.

Cookie name

What does it do?

How long does it last?


Recognises that you've logged in, and keeps you logged in until you leave the site.

Until you close your browser


Remembers which products you've looked at as you go through the store. 

1 month



24 hours 


Remembers what's in your basket if you leave the site before purchasing, so it will still be there for you when you come back.

1 week 



1 week 


Session Identifier - remembers what's in your basket as you go around the site.  




Until you close your browser



24 hours 


Univeral Login Service



Chat Cookies

Our 'Chat with us' function in the bottom left of the screen is powered by Olark. This allows you to ask questions and receive an immediate answer. Most of the cookies here will only be generated if you initiate a chat with us. Although these cookies allow us to see what page of the website you're looking at, and what part of the world you're in, we do not receive any information that could personally identify you, unless you tell us it.

Cookie name 

 What does it do?

How long does it last? 


A numerical visitor identifier used to remember a specific visitor between visits. It contains no information that could personally identify an individual.

2 years 


A security measure to confirm our most recent Olark site ID

Until you close your browser 


Provides extra state information (e.g. chat box being open/closed) 

Until you close your browser  


The Olark loader version (for improved caching) 

Until you close your browser   


A storage identifier that is used to maintain chat state across pages (e.g. message history) 

2 years 


A unique session identifier that we to keep track of a single chat session 

Until you close your browser 


Tracking cookies

Like the majority of sites on the web, we use Google Analytics to understand how visitors find and use our site. The cookies set by Google Analytics are not essential to the site's function, and blocking them will not affect your ability to use it at all. However, the information they provide us, all of which is at an aggregate level from which no individual users could be identified, is extremely useful in ensuring that the site is meeting your needs and in identifying ways in which we can improve it.

Cookie name 

What does it do? 

How long does it last? 


Keeps track of how many times a visitor have visited a particular site, so we know if people ever come back! 

2 years


Works in conjunction with __utmc to tell how long visitors stay on the site. This one is set when a visitor arrives on the site.

30 minutes


This cookie times when a visitor leaves the site. 

Until you close your browser


Is generated when a website owner has created a custom report in Analytics to understand different visitor behaviour. I did create a custom report in Google Analytics to understand how many visitors to the site end up buying something. Unfortunately, the report has never worked and I can’t work out how to delete it. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. Badoom tish!

2 years


Shows how visitors arrived on the site - whether as a result of a search engine search or by following a link from another website. It also gives very broad information about the user’s geographical location and the browser they’re using to view the site. 

6 months

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